Now that we have had our first taste of combat we will need some further help.

This can take two forms: Potions or Clerics.

If you wish to use a couple of potions, just enter the number of potions you need to use in the box, then click "Use" next to HP Potion in your inventory list. Remember, you don't need many potions to heal at low levels. It's best to use just a few at a time.

The second option is Clerics. These can either be found in towns or wandering the game world. Adventurer Clerics will heal you if you ask them politely, or they may do it of their own accord. In town, (NPC) Clerics have to be sought though.

One such cleric can be found in Dundee:

Virgil the Cleric will heal your wounds for free. Just click on his name and he will heal you:

Once healed you can get back on with the serious work of Adventuring.

Now you should be making some money, and you should have collected several "spoils" so click on Trading and we'll look at this next.

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