Being an initiate is all well and good, but it is like a "Jack of all Trades" - good at most things, but not as good as a specialist. This is where professions come in to play.

Currently there are four professions available to the adventurer in Valorn, each one having their own skills, specialities and disadvantages. These are: Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, and Enchanter.


Clerics are Valorns holy men and women. They are the healers of the land. Clerics get the ability to heal themselves and others. Clerics can use the Holy Ring of Light, which can either be used in combat or to halt bleeding.


Enchanters are the magic users of the world. The enchanters can use their power to recharge the power of other characters. An Enchanter can use the Staff of Lightning, Fire or Ice in combat. They get the ability to teleport. Enchanters are quite restricted on what equipment and weapons they can carry and use. They're also able to cast spells on themselves or other players, or to create huge portals adventurers can use to get across Valorn.


Rogues are the shadowy figures in Valorn. They are the thieves and generally sneaky people. Rogues have the special ability of lockpicking. Rogues are the only ones (with one, small exception) able to use a weapon in their left hand.


The Warrior is the combat specialist of the land. Warriors abilities are all focused on combat. Warriors get the combat ability of Critical Strike. Warriors can use the best armour and weapons available.

(See the Equipment area for an explanation of finding out what equipment a certain profession can or cannot use).

To gain a profession you will need to find the Master Trainer, who lives near to Milltown, and he will instruct you on what you will need to do in your quest for a profession. You will need to be level 15 or higher to gain a profession, and you will also need somebody of the profession you want to be to "sponsor" you,

Once you have completed the quests needed you will then be awarded your profession.

Think long and hard before chosing a profession. If you decide you want to change professions you will need to buy a Scroll of Professional Resignation. Be warned though, this does not come without penalty!

Don't forget this isn't an exhaustive list of what the various professions can do... some of the things you will have to find out for yourself.

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