Once movement has been mastered, we will need to equip ourselves to face the dangers of Valorn.

All adventurers start with a set of basic equipment. Click on the Inventory link if you haven't already done so. In the stowed inventory, you'll see this:

As you can see, we have various items in our inventory.

Items will have no effect until they are equiped. To equip an item click on it's name - for example, click on the Layered Cloth Armor and you get this:

Click on "Equip" to equip the item and gain it's benefits - in this case, you would get an extra 21 on to the characters AC. You could also choose to Sell, Drop or destroy the item. Selling places it at a trade market, dropping the item places it on the floor, visible for everyone, and destroy permanently destroys it. For now, click Equip.:

After it's been equipped it will show up in your inventory screen in Equipped Items. You get the option to Unequip the item if you no longer want to use it by either clicking on the small backpack icon, or by selecting unequip in the item description.

You will notice that some items affects various Stats, and once an item has been equiped the stat will be altered. In this instance, AC will have been increased by 21, as that is the bonus given by the Layered Cloth Armor.

You are only allowed to have certain items in certain positions. For instance, you can either carry a Sheild or a Torch in your left hand. If you attempt to equip something in a place that already has something equipped, you will get an error message:

Once all the equipable items have been equipped, you will see this in your inventory:

The backpack icon can be clicked to unequip the item, and therefore implicates the item is equipped, and you are gaining the bonuses from that item.

You may have noticed that equipment from traders (which we'll discuss later) have other information listed.

This information tells you the benefits (or disadvantages) you get from an item. We went over AC and attack earlier. Light Source is the amount of light emitted. Weight is how much the item weighs. Some items effect your stats strength, constitution, dexterity, or intelligence. When equipped, your stats will be modified as shown on the item. When unequipped, your stats will become normal again.

Level Required is the level you need to be before you can use an item. For example, Leather Boots have a Level Requirement of 2, which means that you will need to be at least level 2 before you can use these.

There is another legend at the end off all items, where it shows on or more of the following initials; ( I W C R E). This is to tell you which professions (More about professions in a different section) can use which items. If a letter is shown, it indicates that this profession can use the item (I=Initiate, W=Warrior, C=Cleric, R=Rogue and E=Enchanter). If all professions can use an item, there is (ALL) at the end, or there simply is no legend.

For example, in the list above Heavily Layered Cloth Armor shows (I), which means only initiates can use the armor.

Now that we have our weapons and protection, we need to go hunting. Click Combat from the Navigation Bar on the left to go on to the next category.

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