This is the main Character list, and this is what you will be presented with on your first view:

This is the complete Character that all players start off with. It may look confusing, but it gives you all the information required to undertake adventuring in Valorn.

The top part is obvious, the character name. Below your name, there are 2 buttons that do not affect you right now; they toggle options Premium subscribers have. Next is the Stature Point URL. This is used to promote the game, and every time somebody clicks your Stature Point URL you gain 1 point of Stature. The use of Stature will be explained more in the official Dark Grimoire forum.

Next is Gender, another straight forward trait. You are next shown your Level. This starts at 1 and you increase this with Experience (see later in the Guide). Profession shows your current profession. Everyone starts out as an initiate, but later in the game you will be able to choose your own. Enhancement shows all enhancements that currently affect you. (This is explained later on in the Guide) Stature Points shows the amount of stature points you have gained because other people clicked your link, as explained above. The amount of unspent stat points shows how many stat points you can allocate; this is explained in detail a bit lower on this page.

Messages is a note of how many private messages you have in your inbox. The counter has been disabled, but you can click (view) to read them. Messages are also available from the movenent screen, from the options on the right side of your screen..

The chat sort button toggles the way the chat screen on the movement screen is sorted: by default the newest message is at the bottom, but you can change that to have it appear on top. Progress to next level is a percentage reading of how much XP is needed before you can go to the next Level.

Deaths this Hour is how many times you have been killed. Death will be explained in another section of the guide.

Going down the list again we find HP. This is a record of the amount of Hit Points your character has. This will be reduced when you take damage from monsters, or other events in the world. The higher you HP, the more damage you can take in combat before you need healing.

Power isn't needed until you gain a profession, which are briefly explained in another section of this guide.

HP Potions and Power Potions are bought to replace HP and Power respectively. They are handy for exploring the world, but not necessary.

Attack is a way of working out how much damage you do to a monster. The higher the attack the more damage done. Attack is increased with Str and with Weapons.

AC is Armour Class. This is how much defence the character has, which will reduce damage taken from monsters.

Next on the list is Stats.

Stat points are points that are available for you to customise your character. Each player starts with 90 points in each stat, and an additional 40 to spend freely on their attributes.

As you can see from the above, all the stats start at 90. The number in the brackets is the adjusted number, which is altered via items used and other things. (More about this later) Click on "Buy" to spend some of the Stat points on improving your stats. To purchase one point in a Stat, just click Buy, or to buy more than one point, enter the amount you want into the box and then click Buy.

You can spend these however you want, and each stat gives bonuses in the game;

Str (Strength) measures the brute force that you can put behind a weapon's swing, as well as the maximum weight of items you can carry.

Con (Constitution) is how hardy your character is. The higher the Con stat, the highter your HP (Hit Points).

Dex (Dexterity) is how agile and graceful the character is. Dex is important to help you dodge attacks, and can also help later on with some combat techniques.

Int (Intelligence) is how clever the character is. This can help gain better attacks in combat, and is also used by Professions later on.

Spend the points wisely as this cannot be changed afterwards. It is also important to note that you shouldn't have too much of a gap between stats, as this can disadvantage you in combat.

Then comes money::

All characters start out with a small amount of money, namely 5 gold pieces and 50 silver pieces. Money is earnt from killing monsters, either picked up from the monster, or by selling items they drop. The lowest value coin is the Sliver coin. 100 Silver coins equals 1 Gold, and 10 Gold coins gives 1 Platinum.



This covers the main Character listing, and what each item means. Next, we will learn about moving.

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