"an organization of people who do the same job or have the same interests:"

There are several Guilds in Valorn who exist to share information and promote group adventuring.

Belonging to a Guild can hold many advantages, as it will allow you to share information regarding what areas to visit, what monsters can be killed and where, and allows members to organise group adventuring to help characters develop further.

There are currently quite a few Guilds in the land. To find out information about each guild, talk to their members in game (see below for how to identify a character's guild.) Also look at the links section, under the guilds tab, to see if they have a website or forum.

To identify a member of a Guild, just click on their characters name to bring up their details, like this:

We can see from this information that The Intrepid JKD The Marked is in the Guild "The Remnants of Kimald", and is in fact the Leader of that Guild (please note this is an example only, and is not actually the case.)

To join a Guild, find either the Guild Leader, or one of the Guild Officers and discuss becoming a member - it is not an automatic process. Some guilds will accept anybody they meet, others have their own selection process. Make sure you look at several different guilds, as there is a penalty to pay if you then leave. If you are invited to join a Guild, then you will need to buy a Guild Invitation form from Lord Registrar Humbold in Dundee. This will need to be signed, then handed to the Guild Leader for them to approve the application. Once you have been accepted, you will then have access to their Guild Hall and all the information contained therein.

You could consider starting your own guild, if you do not find a home in any of the existing guilds. It is not easy to create a guild, nor is it cheap. Ask in game, or send a request to admin if you wish to start a guild.

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