Now that we are competent at combat, and we know how to heal our wounds, we have to look at our loot and what to do with it.

There are several merchants around the land, and one of them is located in Dundee. Inns are great places to sell your "spoils" and to buy items to help in your adventuring. Just go East from Dundee Town Square and you'll find yourself in the Dundee Inn, run by Jeffrey.

To see what Jeffrey has to say, and to see what he has for sale, just click his name. You will be presented a list like this:

If you want to buy an item the merchant has for sale, just click the buy button behind the item, if you have enough money. For now, we only want to sell our spoils though, To sell items, just click on "Sell" (at the top of the screen) and you should be presented with something like this:

To sell an item, just click in the box on the right of it, so a little tick appears:

After you have selected all you want to sell, click the "Sell" box, and watch the money roll in!

From selling four Ratskin Hats we made 2 Gold and 66Silver... not bad. Just think if we had killed lots of monsters... again, select all the items you want to sell with the tick boxes.

The more monsters you kill, the more money and XP you will gain. Different creatures give different XP and money amounts / items.

Now that we are well on our way in this adventuring business, we need to discuss what we get out of this apart from money. Click Experience in the Navigation Bar on the left to proceed.


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