Greetings, Adventurer, and welcome to the New Adventurers Guide to Valorn.

This guide has been written to help new Adventurers get onto the right path, and set forth into Valorn. Here you will find all the basic information needed in your life in this world. It is highly advised that you follow the in-game tutorial and looking at the informational scrolls in your pack, because you learn much more by doing it yourself, rather than just reading about it. However, if you missed the in-game tutorial, or just need a refresher, this guide will hopefully help you.

Select the subject you need help with from the list on the left, or if you are new work through the list in order.


Due to the ever changing nature of the game, be sure to have a look at the Update! section. Here all updates that will affect gameplay will be added.

If you have any questions about this guide, please contact the author, Thorin. Either use the link provided to contact him in-game, or drop into the Dark Grimoire Players Network, and send him a pm.


This guide is © Deek. Game images and text © Grimoire Entertainment Inc., and are used with permission.
No part of this guide may be reproduced without permission.

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